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geneX ds. Extending the reach of injectable bone grafts. Now available in 5cc
Due to the success of the geneX ds system, and in response to requests for larger volume packs, Biocomposites is pleased to announce the availability of geneX ds 5cc.
The powder and liquid components of geneX are provided pre-packed in separate syringes. The syringes connect together and allow a faster, simpler and cleaner way for mixing geneX. The resulting setting paste can then be delivered through an 8cm dispenser (included). geneX ds is ideal for difficult-to-reach surgical sites or minimally invasive procedures.

New study using geneX for scaphoid non-unions shows promising results
A recent case series using geneX® in a minimally invasive technique shows promising results for the treatment of clinically challenging scaphoid non unions.
This study analysed the clinical follow up results after a minimum of 2 years in 15 patients with non unions of the scaphoid with minimal sclerosis. The patients were treated with arthroscopically assisted percutaneous internal fixation augmented by the injection of geneX to heal the fracture.

Research Team Develops Ground-Breaking Technique to Accelerate Bone Healing through Directed Cell Activity
geneX is a unique biomaterial with a controlled surface chemistry designed to accelerate bone healing, and be fully resorbed and replaced by bone.

Through a proprietary manufacturing process, zeta potential control (ZPC®), once implanted, the key proteins for osteogenesis are harnessed by geneX to direct bone cell proliferation, adhesion and differentiation. The science of geneX animation demonstrates the advanced properties of this fully resorbable material.

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