Case study

Infected non-union of radius and ulna

Courtesy of Dr Mangal Parihar
Mumbai, India

Clinical particulars

42-year-old female presented with a recent history involving a closed fracture of the radius and ulna.

Open reduction and internal fixation had been carried out but by the second day an infection was present. Subsequent procedures to change the fixation and alter the antibiotic regimen failed to clear the infection.


Debridement and excision of all dead bone was carried out until bleeding bone was found, stabilized with TENS nails and packed with STIMULAN. External support was given by a plastic slab.


I.V. antibiotics were continued for 3 weeks only. The STIMULAN beads were absorbed within 3 months. The patient subsequently underwent reconstructive surgery and has bony union and full healing at 1 year.



For indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions see Instructions for Use. Concurrent use of locally administered antibiotics may affect setting time.

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