Case study

Use of genex® in the treatment of high tibial osteotomy

Courtesy of Roberts S, Mangham DC, RJAH Orthopaedic Hospital, Oswestry, UK

Clinical particulars

30-year-old patient presented with a varus deformity of the right tibia.



Following the osteotomy, 10 cc genex was injected into the space of the opening wedge. The fixation was achieved using a titanium plate (Puddu plate, Arthrex) and screws. The procedure resulted in a 12.5 mm correction.



At 25 months post-operative, the patient’s progress was satisfactory, however all of the titanium screws had broken. During routine removal of the metalwork, two biopsy samples were taken with patient consent. 



Histological analysis of both biopsy samples confirms almost complete absorption of the genex graft material and replacement with viable bone.

Decalcified biopsy fragments, paraffin wax, H&E, Composite image of individual images at x2.5 magnification.


* Fibrocartilage tissue.