Case study

Use of genex in the treatment of proximal femur fracture

Courtesy of Mr Aamer Nissar and Mr Shiva Gopal Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeons,
Hull Royal Infirmary & Castle Hill Hospitals, UK.

Clinical particulars

86-year-old male sustained a comminuted extracapsular fracture of left proximal femur following a fall. This was nailed, however, subsequently at 4 months the screw backed out and patient complained of prominent metalwork and pain.


CT suggested partial union. Following MDT discussion, revision of the fixation was planned. Nail was removed and examination (EUA) suggested the fracture site was still mobile. Bone grafts were harvested using an RIA (Synthes®) reamer system and mixed with genex paste. The graft was then implanted at the fracture site, and the fracture was plated (DCS plate 95°) with a combination of locking and non-locking screws. Patient was instructed to be touch weight bearing for 6 weeks.


At 12 months’ follow-up the fracture had healed with complete absorption of genex. Patient had a good range of hip motion and was able to walk independently and manage stairs.

70700027A_GeneX_Insert_Prox Femur_Presentation_157x192.png 70700027A_GeneX_Insert_Prox Femur_Post operative_157x192.png
Presentation Post-Operative
70700027A_GeneX_Prox Femur_4 months_screw backing out_157x192.png 70700027A_GeneX_Insert_Prox Femur_4 months_157x192.png
4 Months - Screw backing out 4 Months
70700027A_GeneX_Insert_Prox Femur_1 year post revision_157x192.png
1 Year Post Revision