Use of genex in the treatment of a tibial plateau fracture

Courtesy of Mr Hemant K Sharma, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Hull, UK.
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Clinical particulars

22-year-old male presented with a comminuted Schatzker type II fracture of right leg. X-ray examination revealed 2 large fragments and several small fragments.



Using an anterolateral approach, the lateral fragment was rotated to open the fracture, fragments elevated and held with temporary K-wires. The joint was visualised through submeniscal approach. 7cc genex paste was implanted and lateral fragment closed with a clamp and 2 partially threaded 6.5mm cancellous screws, placed subchondrally just below the elevated intra-articular segment. Locking plate and a combination of locking and non-locking screws were placed.



At 15 months’ follow-up the fracture had healed with complete absorption of genex. The knee was stable, with a range of motion of 0–130°. Patient reported normal function with occasional clicking and aching at the end of the day, with some discomfort at lateral joint line.


Note: See genex page for regulatory statements.


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