Biosteon is a synthetic calcium composite technology used for interference screws in the reconstruction of anterior and posterior ligaments and suture anchors for rotator cuff repairs.

  • Improved strength retention
  • 16 years of proven clinical success
  • Over 100,000 implanted worldwide

Biosteon was introduced in 2001 and produced through a proprietary moulding technology, which delivers a suspension of osteoconductive particles of calcium hydroxyapatite in a poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) matrix – to improve strength retention, bone-bonding potential and pH buffering in the graft healing period. Biosteon has 16 years' proven clinical success and has been implanted in over 100,000 patients worldwide.


The Biosteon Screw features a unique thread form for easy insertion and offers increased pull-out strength compared with similar devices in the market.

The Biosteon Cross Pin is for femoral fixation of soft-tissue (hamstring) grafts.


Biosteon has the longest clinical follow-up of all calcium-based composite materials now entering the market.2 All Biosteon products are distributed exclusively through Stryker®.

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For indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions see Instructions for Use.

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Arthroscopic procedures and the use of absorbable implants are common for treating sports injuries, as they provide a secure graft fixation while allowing biocompatible absorption and eventual replacement by bone.

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