Our products help surgeons treat infections at the point of need, which reduces reinfection rates, shortens hospital stays and lowers costs of care.

Our products

Talking to a surgeon about an upcoming procedure can be a worrying time, with a lot of information for you to absorb and try to understand. From hip and knee replacements to fracture and ACL repairs you may find your surgeon referring to one of our products being used in their treatment strategy.


STIMULAN is a calcium sulfate antibiotic carrier that surgeons use to place antibiotics locally at an infected site as part of their infection management plan. STIMULAN allows them to place a higher concentration of antibiotic locally than they would otherwise have been able to achieve through systemic oral or intravenous antibiotic delivery. For example, if you are undergoing a hip or knee replacement and your surgeon suspects there may be infection present they may decide to place STIMULAN mixed with an antibiotic around the new implant to protect the surgical site.

STIMULAN gives the surgeon the flexibility to choose the most appropriate antibiotic for the infection they are dealing with and has proven to lower rates of reinfection and improve patient outcomes.


genex is a calcium sulfate and beta-tricalcium phosphate bone void filler that surgeons use to promote bone regeneration in fractures across a range of bones in the upper and lower extremities.  genex complements the body’s natural healing processes and enables the optimal remodelling of bone.  Surgeons like to use genex in their procedures because its strength is similar to trabecula bone, and its formulation balances scaffold strength for bone growth with a quicker absorbing component to create pores for early bone ingrowth.



The Biosteon Screw is a calcium phosphate based screw used by surgeons in their anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction procedures to hold a graft in place in the tibia and/or femur.

Surgeons like to use the Biosteon Screw because it absorbs in the body within 5 years and removes the need for either a metal screw to remain in place or the need to remove it through a second procedure.