Assessing the influence of third body damage to articulating surfaces with bone void fillers

Biocomposites Limited, Internal white paper. 2017
Products: STIMULAN®
Third body particles such as those from bone cements and bone void fillers when trapped between articulating surfaces can accelerate wear of arthroplasty materials leading to premature failure. In this two phase study the damage to cobalt chrome (CoCr) by PMMA bone cement, STIMULAN and a competitor calcium sulfate material was investigated. Damage simulation was evaluated using pin on disk testing and compared to that of control samples.  


Phase 1 damage simulation showed that STIMULAN resulted in no third body damage - causing no significant damage to cobalt chrome. Phase two results showed no additional damage to CoCr disks as a result of the STIMULAN, with results comparable to negative controls, where no third body material is present.  

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