Bio-absorbable antibiotic impregnated beads for the treatment of prosthetic vascular graft infections

Genovese, E.A., et al. Vascular, 2016. 24(6): p. 590-597.
Products: STIMULAN®
A retrospective review of 6 patients implanted with STIMULAN beads used as a carrier material for antibiotics in the treatment of prosthetic vascular graft infections. The study aimed to investigate the rates of, graft preservation, infection eradication and limb salvage in patients unable to tolerate graft explant or extensive reconstruction. Results showed that all patients had resolution or ongoing suppression of their prosthetic graft infection. No recurrent infection was observed, with all grafts preserved. In the follow-up period there were no major amputations or mortality. The abstract can be read, and the full paper can be obtained here.

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