Elution and efficacy of colistin when combined with a synthetic calcium sulfate

Brayford, M.J., P.A. Laycock, and J.J. Cooper. 33rd annual meeting of the European Bone and Joint Infection Society. 2014: Utrecht, The Netherlands.
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The emergence of multi-drug resistant Gram-negative bacteria is a serious threat to health. The polymyxin antibiotic colistin may be the last line of defence against these pathogens in the 21st century. This study establishes the potential of STIMULAN to mix with, set and elute colistin in bactericidal concentrations while systemic levels and associated side effects remain low.  


Colistin sulfate will mix, set and elute from STIMULAN at bactericidal levels. Eluate levels remained above MIC for 100% of 561 P. aeruginosa isolates and 100% of 31 A. baumannii isolates out to 3 days. Both microorganisms tested for zone of inhibition (ZOI) showed susceptibility to colistin eluted from STIMULAN beads. Higher sustained colistin elution levels were achieved when rifampicin was added as a second antibiotic.  

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