The influence of third body damage with bone void fillers on the wear of UHMWPE

Raelene M. Cowie, Sean Aiken, John J. Cooper, John Fisher, Louise M. Jennings, Orthopaedic Research Society Annual Meeting. Orlando, FL.: 103. 2016
Products: STIMULAN®
In this study, damage to cobalt chrome plates caused by third body particles from bone cement and the bone void fillers was assessed. This was followed by wear tests of UHMWPE against the plates using a 6 station multi-axial pin on plate rig.  


It is evident that third body particles from bone void fillers or bone cement can scratch cobalt chrome counter faces, however no damage could be measured from STIMULAN. It was also determined under the wear test conditions used, to increase wear of UHMWPE, the surface damage must be severe with scratches requiring a lip height of over 2 μm.  

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