A simple acoustic technique to assess the setting time of antibiotic loaded calcium sulphate

Cooper, J.J., M.J. Brayford, and P.A. Laycock. Biomedical Materials, 2014. 9(4): p. 045006.
Products: STIMULAN®

Calcium sulfate hemi-hydrate when mixed with water results in the formation of a solid precipitated calcium sulfate dihydrate. Many factors affect the timing of this reaction, hence the need to quantify set times. This work developed a new simple acoustic technique to measure the setting times of a calcium sulfate bone cement loaded with different antibiotic mixes.



A new simple acoustic test has been developed and used to assess the effect of different antibiotic additions on the setting time of a ‘rapid cure’ calcium sulfate bone cement (STIMULAN). This technique gives ‘absolute’, reproducible and consistent results and can be used with very small quantities of cement.


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