Dissolvable antibiotic beads in treatment of periprosthetic joint infection and revision arthroplasty. The use of synthetic pure calcium sulfate (Stimulan) impregnated with vancomycin & tobramycin

McPherson, E.J., M.V. Dipane, and S.M. Sherif. Reconstructive Review, 2013. 3(1): p. 32-43.
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A study to review the clinical results in 250 cases of aseptic and septic revision total hip and total knee arthroplasty using antibiotic-loaded (vancomycin and tobramycin) STIMULAN beads.



In all cases, STIMULAN had completely absorbed. Out of 250 cases there were 29 complications (11.6%) – 11 hips and 18 knees. These included 8 wound complications, 9 failures of which only 6 were the result of infection.

The incidence of wound drainage was very low with 8 cases reported (3.2%) – 5 knees and 3 hips. Heterotopic bone formation was also very low with 3 cases (1.2%) – 1 knee and 2 hips.


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