Osteomyelitis caused by Group B Streptococcus and MRSA

Courtesy of Daniel Schlatterer, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Products: STIMULAN®


Clinical particulars

73-year-old female with osteomyelitis caused by Group B Streptococcus and MRSA infection.

Presented with exposed hardware and post-operative drainage issues, 1 year after pilon fracture repair and subsequently 2 weeks after removal of all hardware.



Hardware removal and repeat debridement on the medial side of the ankle resulted in a large dead space which was managed using STIMULAN paste.



6 months after treatment the patient was free from infection, fully weight-bearing and without restrictions on activity – with complete absorption of STIMULAN paste.


Note: See STIMULAN page for regulatory statements.


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