Case study

Transform talonavicular septic arthritis

Courtesy of Mr Mark Davies, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Sheffield, UK

Clinical particulars

27-year-old female presented with spontaneous symptoms and signs suggestive of isolated talonavicular septic arthritis. This was treated by an open arthrotomy and washout. Staphylococcus aureus was grown from the joint and found to be sensitive to gentamicin and flucloxacillin. The surgical treatment and a 6 week course of oral antibiotic therapy resolved the acute infection. Unfortunately, as a result of the septic arthritis, the patient experienced ongoing pain from the talonavicular joint such that 18 months after the infective episode, she sought treatment for the pain. Plain radiographs showed a narrowed joint line at the talonavicular joint. No other investigations  suggested ongoing presence of infection.



The patient underwent a talonavicular fusion utilising the incision for the index surgery. After thorough debridement by resection of the articular surfaces with chisels, further tissue samples were taken. Given the sensitivities of the original organism, STIMULAN paste was injected into the joint with locally administered gentamicin before compression across the joint was applied with the internal fixation.



At 6 months’ follow-up, the arthrodesis procedure was successful and the patient remains pain free.


For indications, contraindications, warnings and precautions see Instructions for Use. The treating physician is responsible for deciding the type and quantity of antibiotic used. Concurrent use of locally administered antibiotics may affect setting time.

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