Case study

Use of genex in the treatment of a comminuted tibial plateau fracture: Schatzker type IV

Courtesy of A Karladani MD, PhD, Orthopaedic Consultant,
Gothenburg, Sweden

Clinical particulars

45-year-old male presented with severe comminution of the distal tibial condyle, with osseous avulsion of the cruciate ligament, following a motorcycle accident. The fracture was classified as Schatzker type IV.



The fracture was reduced with a low contact plate (LCP) and cannulated 7.3 AO screws, in conjunction with genex to reduce the compression.



Radiographic examinations were carried out at 4 weeks (Fig. 2), 12 weeks (Fig. 3) and 6 months (Fig. 4).


Results indicated satisfactory healing, with gradual absorption of the genex graft material, coupled with new bone formation at the site.


The patient is pleased with the progress to date. 


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