Case study

Use of genex in the treatment of ankle arthrodesis

Courtesy of Prof. James B Richardson
Oswestry, UK

Clinical particulars

50-year-old male. Virtually no movement, 1/100 on ankle score. X-rays showed complete loss of joint space but with good overall alignment. Admitted for right ankle scope plus fusion.



genex paste injected arthroscopically and used together with 6.5 mm ASNI screws.



Immediately post-operative, genex clearly seen in the joint space. At 2 months post-operative, beginning to bear weight, advice given to limit activities. At 3 months post-operative, arthrodesis seen to be well healed.


At 5 months post-operative, still pain on weight-bearing. CT scan carried out showing some absorption of genex and new bone formation.


At 10 months post-operative, screws removed. At 12 months post-operative, patient still has some pain but ankle fused. genex fully absorbed. Evidence of replacement of genex with cancellous bone and the cortical bone across the joint space is no longer evident.

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